Saturday, 18 November 2017

# 94: Christmas Card in non traditional colours

Hi all, oh my,it's getting closer by the minute. Our American friends will be celebrating Thanksgiving next week. Have a wonderful time. 
A big thank you for all who participated in our last challenge. So many lovely entries, please keep a lookout for next Saturday's post for the top 3 reveal.

For this challenge we are asking your to create a 
Christmas Card in non traditional colours.
I love this challenge, can't wait to see what you all can create.
Here are some wonderful examples from the Dragonflies, be inspired:


 Karen C





Well done everyone, now it's over to you. Let us see your best colour combinations for this great challenge, many blessings from the Dragonfly Team

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Winners of # 92: Designer paper plus Sentiment

Hi all, hope you are all well and enjoying the season. my American friends have Thanks giving coming around the bend and Christmas lights are already in all the shops here.
I realized that you guys really are not big fans of Designer Papers only!! LOL. Yeah, I must admit that I like my fluff on top.
Here are the top 3

Beautiful. Well done everyone. Congratulations ladies. Please help yourself to the top 3 badge on the side bar by right clicking and saving. Big Dragonfly hugs for all who joined us.
There is still another whole week to join in our current challenge which is:
Use your stash plus bling
Click here to enter

Saturday, 4 November 2017

#93 : Use your stash plus bling

Hi all, and thank you for visiting the Crafting with Dragonflies blog. You guys really do not like using only Designer papers do you, lol. Big hugs to those brave ones that did enter the challenge. 
Which proved to be a bigger challenge than expected. Please check out the top 3 in next weeks post. 

Now onto our new challenge, which is 
Use your stash plus bling.
Here are some examples from the team, it can be anything, you don't have to make it Christmas, whatever you want but we need see the bling 



Well these cards should surely inspire you . Looking forward to seeing your entries, blessings from Hilde and the Team

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Winners of # 91 : Pinktober

Hi there and welcome to Crafting with Dragonflies. 
Thank you to all who entered in the last challenge. This challenge was very dear to my heart, and it was lovely to see all the wonderful pink cards that were created. It was Susan's turn to pick the top three and here they are:

# 7 : Debbie M

#13:  Carol Gill

#15:  Lisa Lynn

Congratulations everyone, Well done. Such lovely cards and so much effort gone into them. Very much appreciated, please help yourself to the top 3 badge on the side bar by right clicking and save.
Blessings from Hilde and the Team

There is still plenty of time to enter in the current challenge which is to create a card using only Designer papers and a sentiment. Come on now. up know you can do it. 
Enter here

Saturday, 21 October 2017

#92: Designer Paper plus sentiment only

Welcome to Crafting with Dragonflies. So nice of you to stop by. Such lovely entries from the Pinktober challenge, please stop by next Saturday to check out who made it to the top 3.

Please remember to read the rules, only one entry per person, but there is no limit on how many other challenges you can enter. 

No onto our new challenge. And this might really be a challenge for some. We want to see 
Designer Paper only and a sentiment. So no images....mmmmm.
Here are some wonderful cards made by our Dragonfly team for your inspiration. 


Now over to you wonderful card artists. You are all so talented and I am blown away every time what great bloggers and card makers you all are, and thanks again for enjoying the creativity along with us. Looking forward to seeing your entries, blessings Hilde and the Team

Saturday, 14 October 2017

#90 Winners of Star Struck

Wow, you guys certainly know how to make cards with Stars, well there were many wonderful cards to choose from. Well done everyone and thanks again for playing along.

Just one more thing, over the last couple of months people have been entering more than one card. We only allow one entry per challenge, but we don't restrict how many other challenges you are allowed to join. Please read the rules, there are only  a few of them, blessings Hilde

Here are the top 3:

Congratulations to you all, thanks again for playing with us, please make sure you help yourself to the top 3 badge on the side bar by right clicking and saving. Well done. 
Blessings Hilde and the Team

There is still time to enter our current challenge which is PINKTOBER, so just make a pink card in honour of breast cancer month.  Click here to enter

Saturday, 7 October 2017

# 91 : Pinktober

Welcome everyone,and thank you to all who entered in our last challenge, there were some very starry cards among them, watch out for next Saturdays reveal of the top 3.

Now onto our new challenge which is
Basically anything pink in support of Breast Cancer. As many of you know I have had the unfortunate run in with Breast cancer in 2005, and now dealing with cancer again, since 2014.

Please think about the wonderful ladies and men, that have had to deal with this, still dealing with it and those who have lost their fight. I am getting sucky in my old age and couldn't even make a card for this challenge. It does affect every part of your life...and those around you.
Believing for a cure...

Ladies (and men) please make sure you check out your boobs on a regular basis. Don't leave it until its too late. You can google how to do it and what to look out for...DO IT!!

Here are some wonderful inspirational cards made by the best Design Team ever.





There you have it. a wonderful selection of such a variety of cards to inspire you.
Well done Team. Now it's your turn , looking forward to seeing your entries.
Blessings Hilde

Saturday, 30 September 2017

#89 Winners of Card for a special occasion

Hi all, WOW. What wonderful mix of cards, and there were so many different cards presented for so many different special occasions. Well done everyone, and thanks for taking part in our challenge. 
So here are the top 3

# 1  Grattis

# 9 : Crafty Animal

# 15 : Gail

Thanks again and congratulations on your top 3 win. Please help yourself to the badge on the side bar, by right clicking and saving. Blessings Hilde and the Team

We still have another week to go on our current challenge which is:
Star Struck
enter here

Saturday, 23 September 2017

# 90: Star Struck

Hi everyone. It's wonderful for you to come and visit and check out our next challenge. Big thank you and Dragonfly hugs to everyone who entered in the last challenge, please come back next Saturday to check who is in the top 3 picks. 
Now onto our new challenge: Its 
Star Struck
So basically a card with one of many stars on it....
Here are some samples from out team to get you going:


Well there you have, a great selection of inspirational cards to get you going on the theme of Star Struck.
Please remember you can only enter once but there is no limit on how many other card challenges you can enter with your card.
Please read the rules.
Thanks in advance for your wonderful entries
Blessings Hilde and the Dragonfly Team

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Winners # 88 Birthday card with cake

Hi all, and welcome. Here are the top 3  of our Birthday card with cake challenge. 
Thanks to everyone that joined in.
Here they are

Well done everyone, and Congratulations. Please help yourself to the top 3 badge from the side bar by right clicking and saving.
We still have another full week to go in our current challenge. Please scroll down or click here to join. We are asking you to make a 
card for a special occasion...
Dragonfly hugs from the Team

Saturday, 9 September 2017

# 89 : Card for a Special Occasion

Hi everyone, big Dragonfly hugs to you all. Welcome to our blog. 
Thanks to all who entered into our Birthday card with cake challenge. Please watch out for the top 3 next Saturday.
Now onto our new challenge. We are asking you to make a card for a 
Special Occasion
Here are some gorgeous samples that our Dragonflies have put together for your inspiration: